Why you should Exhibit.

Boat Shows are the main driver of new product sales in the Marine leisure industry.

You can confidently expect every one of our Boat Shows to be packed with visitors, most with time and money to spare.

With the media interest in boat shows around the world, each expects to host many product & boat launches, as well as present prestigious marinas and world renowned brands.

What can the shows deliver? 

Research experience and current interest indicate that the visitors include high net worth individuals from around the world. 78% Male, 22% Female, average age 49 years, average spend at Shows over USD 1000 per head (excluding spend on boats), 84% AB visitor demographic with an average annual household income circa USD120,000.

Boat shows’ marketing campaigns cover all marketing, digital and PR channels and targets core boating and water-sports enthusiasts, people who enjoy the marine/outdoor lifestyle, families, clubs, marine professionals, locals and more.

IBS marketing support includes *Blueprints for successful EDM and CRM systems to help you invite visitors and manage the exceptional volume of leads typically gathered by Boat Show exhibitors


If you want a boat displayed on hard-standing in the open or in a tent, please mention it in the form.

There is no obligation, but when we receive your completed form, we will pass your requirements to each show you specify for a quotation.

  • Specialised marketing Blueprints are developed by The Blueprint , a division of The Motley Fool, the leading online business and investment advisory company